Dry Eyes


A Guide to Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a medical condition that describes when your eyes are not properly lubricated. As a result, the person can experience various unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes, this eye condition even inhibits a person from being able to wear contacts. At Master Eye Associates in Houston, we provide eye exams and treatment to help reduce the effects of dry eye. Dr. Kotlyar and our team at Master Eye Associates would like to take a closer look at dry eye and how we can help.


Red eyes are a classic sign of this issue. Your eyes may feel dry or scratchy. Some patients describe the feeling as having something in their eyes. You may also experience the discomfort as a burning or stinging sensation. Your body may try to compensate for the dry eye by excessively tearing, but your eyes will not accept the hydration. You may also notice you have stringy mucus on or around your eyes. In serious cases, dry eye can interfere with your vision.


When you see our eye doctor, the first step will involve asking about your symptoms. We will want to know how often you have your symptoms as well as when an activity triggers them. Part of the assessment will consist of looking at your eyes. While this is often enough to diagnose dry eye, we may also test the volume of your tears and their composition.


Our optometry specialist may prescribe eye drops to help lubricate your eyes and decrease your irritation. For patients with dry eye that is not manageable through this method, our eye doctor may recommend eye inserts. These devices are tiny and fit in the corner of your eye and break down into a substance that lubricates your eyes. We may also provide medication that stimulates your tear production.

Contact Our Family Eye Doctor at Master Eye Associates

At Master Eye Associates, we perform comprehensive eye exams, but with dry eye, the diagnostic process is more geared toward learning about your symptoms and evaluating your tears. Once we understand the details of your condition, we can create an appropriate treatment plan designed to provide relief for your dry eye symptoms. If you are experiencing dry eye and live in or around Houston, call our team today at (713) 880-3872 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kotlyar.


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