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If you're in the Houston, TX, area and need an eye doctor for family eye care, eye surgery, or other concerns, Master Eye Associates is here to help. We know you want to work with an optometrist you can trust, so you can get the best advice, information, and support. Dr. Olga Kotlyar and the entire team are dedicated to ensuring a quality experience for our patients. We welcome you and your family to start your journey toward better vision and eye health today.

Our Team Members are Carefully Selected

Every member of our team has been carefully selected, so you know you're getting help from dedicated professionals with the skills and education to help you to the fullest. Personalized care is very important to us, as we know it can make a significant difference in how a patient feels about the treatment they're receiving. When you come to us for your optometry needs, eye exams, and preventative care, you can expect the help and support that's right for your unique situation.

Patient Comfort and Satisfaction Are Our Biggest Goals

Working with an optometrist should be a pleasant experience. Even if you need eye surgery co-management for a serious condition, we want to make sure you can work with us with ease. When you feel comfortable enough to talk to your eye doctor about any concerns you have or issues you're facing, you receive better eye care. Satisfaction with treatment and level of comfort with our team and optometrist are our top priorities for every patient.

Insurance and Other Options for Great Vision Care

We take most insurance, so you can get the help you need for your family eye care concerns. If you don't have insurance, let us know. We will work with you to find ways to help you with the treatment you need. Preventative care and eye exams, for example, are very important to catch problems before they become serious. Getting these examinations can make it easier for you to feel confident that your eyes are healthy and know that any problem will be taken care of with compassion and care.

Reach Out to Trusted Optometry Professionals Today

Reach out t us at Master Eye Associates today if you're in the Houston, TX, area and need an optometrist to help with your eye care. We have a team of professionals who can help you feel your best and see more clearly for the future, from eye surgery co-management to an eye doctor for preventative care. Contacting us at (713) 880-3872 is the first step, and we're here to support your eye care needs.


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